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AGEP association management

AGEP is Brussels' longest established association management company, providing flexible, tailored services to a wide range of trade associations.

For more than twenty years AGEP has operated a range of trade associations which have become highly regarded by the EU Institutions. Under the stewardship of AGEP these associations have gained legitimacy not only in terms of size and geographical spread of the members they represent, but also for their contribution in formulating strategies that are fair, forward looking and positive.

AGEP provides a complete management solution for trade associations – from the pooling of expertise and knowledge to the setting of common industry positions and the carrying out regulatory and public affairs campaigns in order to communicate them,.

As well as reaching out to stakeholders on a sustained basis, AGEP also assists businesses in creating and managing ad-hoc coalitions. Such alliances engage on single issues and focus on specific communication campaigns around issues such as environmental  sustainability or trade.  By creating tailor-made programmes AGEP supports these coalitions in furthering their agenda and enhancing their presence in Brussels.